My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge! Hosea 4:6  

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We are a 501(c)3 education nonprofit organization serving the children and parents of inner-city school communities of Los Angeles.

True Academic Assessments

Did you know some schools report false information about how well their students are doing? Did you know there is a growing adult illiteracy crisis in America? Did you know the majority of high school graduates are not ready for college?  Parents need accurate and truthful grade-by-grade assessments of how their children are progressing in their education. 

Career Exploration & Counseling

Moving from childhood to adulthood and from school into the "real world" is a big step for our young people. Students should be able to explore the rich options of careers that is available to them long before graduating from high school. For some children, college and universities is the best option. However, for others there are many more options just as rewarding. 

College Admissions Support

Maneuvering through the maze of college admissions can be overwhelming for parents and students. Federal aid, grants, scholarships, student aid, student loans, minimum GPAs, and SAT scores. What is the "best" college for your child? Should they go to a community college first? What is a "good" college anyway?

  • Academic Assessments

    Is your child academically on-track for graduation, college, and a good career?

  • Career Assessments

    Which careers would be the most rewarding for your child? (and pay the bills!)

  • College Admissions Support

    Help in choosing the "best" college for our child and finding the best resources and student aid available.

  • College Prep & Readiness

    Helping students prepare and get ready for the world of college with classes and coursework!

  • Internships & Mentorships

    There are many great people and companies interested in helping your child explore jobs and careers.

  • Surveys & Focus Groups

    E4 guides open discussions with parents and students on education issues. 


We empower children and their parents with the services, advocacy, and training to achieve the best education outcomes for the world of higher education and, ultimately, the world of work. Every parent wants the best education for their child, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic status. But our communities need help, not politics! E4 is about action--and results. Sign-up for our Academic Enrichment, Career Exploration, and College Admissions Support services today! 

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