Our Children. Our Future.

Give an E4 Scholarship to a Student Today! Education is the Final Civil Rights Issue

Career Exploration Assessment Scholarship

Our kids should begin exploring the world of work in middle school, not the last few months of 12th grade. Then we can expose them to great mentors and fun internships!

True Academic Assessment Scholarship

No more games! Kids need to know if they are at grade-level academic proficiency and what their true letter grade is: A, B, C, D or F. Then we can get them the help and guidance they need!

Advocate Scholarship

Every child needs someone in their corner to help them get every resource available for their individual educational needs and career path.

Tutor Scholarship

Our after-school “army” of tutors can help our kids achieve their academic best in all subjects.

Academics & Career Counselor Scholarship

Professionals in the field to provide a higher level of services to both the child and their parents.

Sponsor an E4 Education Weekend!

Jobs & Careers, Colleges & Universities, Trade & Tech Schools, and Entrepreneurism. We'll bring together the best speakers, professionals, and advocates in the field.


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