True Academic Assessment (Grades 7-12)

E4 believes that schools should be centers of rigorous academic preparation for your child and not over-priced "day care." But which one is your child's school? Unfortunately, school report cards and their standardized tests may not be accurate or reliable. Parents and children need an honest and independent academic assessment. Real academic skills matter in this world of information and technology.  

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Career Exploration & Counseling

E4 believes in not just good jobs but good careers. We first assess your child's interests. Then, an E4 career counselor works with the child to explore those jobs that fit their interests. We then dig deeper as to the education and skills path needed to achieve a given career and explore the salaries of given jobs. Then the fun part! Partner the child with mentors in that field to be and, where available, internship at companies and organizations. 

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College Admissions Support

E4 believes in helping parents maneuver though the unbelievably complex world of college admissions: requirements, federal aid, state aid, grants, scholarships, parent loans, student loans, and much, much more. You do not need to do this alone. We are also "truth tellers." Don't believe the hype! What may be considered the "best" schools may not in fact be the best for your child based on their career and life goals.

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